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Youth Approved mystery shopping will give you a unique insight into how young customers perceive your business and how you interact with them.  From our detailed and focused report, your organization will be able to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the service offer you make to young people.  Where customer loyalty matters most, you will maximise your potential to generate customer loyalty that will last for years.

Your reputation for taking your commitment to ensuring the quality of your services to all customers will be enhanced.  The Youth Approved Award is a very public statement that you are open for business with young people and that you value their custom.  Young people are very active consumers, keen to pass on their experience of received services to their networks and peer groups and they are also an important influence on the consumer decisions of adults in their families and communities.

As a Youth Approved hero, we will widely publicise your commitment to serving young customers and through the reach of our extensive social network, thousands of young customers will find out that you are an organization they can trust to be welcoming and helpful.

By choosing Youth Approved mystery shopping, you are choosing to support one of Yorkshire’s oldest and most respected youth work charities; The Youth Association works with thousands of our most disadvantaged young people every year and campaigns to protect the services they rely on.

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