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As well as our Youth Approved mystery shopping service, we also offer a range of HR, consultation, focus group and market research solutions. All of our services are uniquely delivered or facilitated by trained and accredited young people.

Recruitment and selection
Do you recruit and select staff for roles that include regular or significant contact with children or young people?  Our young people have experience of running assessment panels and workshops with hundreds of candidates, for roles right up to Director and Senior Executive.  Our customers always value the input our young people make to their selection processes.

Team building
If you are planning a team building event, why not incorporate some fun team building games and exercises led by our young trainers?

Consultation and research
If you are engaged in market or social research that would benefit from the involvement of young people, we can help. We offer consultation, survey distribution, focus groups and standing advisory panels. These services can be delivered by our trained young people or by your own staff working with our facilitated groups.

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Disclosure checking
The Youth Association is a registered umbrella body for the Criminal Record Bureau. We provide a disclosure checking service for anyone who comes into contact with children and young people or has information about them as part of their job.



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