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When you choose to get your business Youth Approved, our teams of experienced and trained young people will mystery shop your services and provide a professional, clear and objective customer service report.

Youth Approved can also be tailored specifically to your business’ needs, such as checking that staff greet customers in your corporate style, offer key product promotions or any other requirements you may have.

If your service or business meets the Youth Approved standards, it will be awarded certification and display materials for staff, website, shop windows, counters and for your head office. These show even casual visitors that you care about young customers and that you maintain high standards in your approach to young people. It will also tell everyone that you care about helping young people’s charities and that you are a committed social investor in young people and their communities.

You will also be listed in our web directory of Youth Approved heroes, allowing young consumers to differentiate between you and your competitors and driving new business your way.  We make a great deal of effort to inform thousands of young people about Youth Approved heroes through a range of social media.

If for any reason your business does not meet our criteria, the report will be clear on ways you can improve, allowing you to address the issues and be re-assessed. If you need it, we provide clear guidance on how to meet our standards and become Youth Approved.


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